Large Milestones of The Group

1986               Nezone Foods, a Flour Mill, was set up in Tezpur, Assam and started production of Atta, Flour and Suji, with a capacity of 70 Tons/Day. This mill was the forerunner to Nezone biscuits.


1989               Our commitment to North East region of India was exemplified when the SonitpurSolvex (P) Ltd. was set up in Tezpur. This was the first continuous Solvent Extraction Plant in the entire region and was capable of extracting 100 Tons/Day Solvent Extraction Plant.


1996               Nezone Biscuits was established and the First Manufacturing Facility was commissioned with a Production capacity of 16 Tons/day, in Tezpur, Assam. 


1999                Second Biscuit manufacturingfacility was commissioned, increasing the Production capacity to 30 Tons/day.
                         Cream Biscuits were introduced.


1999                We introduced another brand of biscuits, Mr. Baker to reach out to all levels of price points.


2001               We added 14 tons per day to the First Manufacturing Facility, taking it up to 30 tons per day.


2003                We added a 15 ton per day production line to the Second Manufacturing Facility, taking the quantity produced to 30 tons per day. Between the First and the Second Line we now had a joint manufacturing capability of 60 tons per day.


2005                 We started our third brand of biscuits, Nezone Bakers. This was done to expand our portfolio to include Cookies and Rusks which would henceforth be produced under the brand of Nezone Bakers


2006                 Large Scale Automation in Material Handling and Packaging Division was done in both the Manufacturing Facilities


2007                 Expansion of the Manufacturing Plant and increase in the capacity to 75 Tons/day.


2011                Capacity was increased to 90 tons per day with a complete revamp and up gradation of the first Manufacturing facility


2011                Nezone Industries was incorporated as a partnership firm.


2013               Production and sales was started in the name of Nezone Industries


2014               Large scale automation in all Manufacturing Units


2014                A new brand, “Sun Top” was introduced in the biscuits segment, which would be the so-called “premium” brand of Nezone. The product range under this brand are at a higher price than that of the other two brands.


2017                Nezone Snacks was established and first production facility was set up to manufacture Non-Traditional Indian snacks like Cheese balls, Rings, Multi-grain stix etc.Capacity for Nezone Snacks is at 25 tonnes per day. We felt extremely gratified this year for this was when we employed our 500themployee for Nezone Biscuits and Nezone Snacks.


2018                Ready to Eat Pop Corn line was commissioned, with a capacity of 5 tonnes per day thereby making the combined capacity for Nezone Snacks 30 tonnes per day at present.